Lies hurt, lies break, lies destroy, lies cause damage. If we think about it, lies are just like fire,it burns everything in it’s path and hurts so much… We may never get to understand what lying does until we are actually lied to by someone really close and trusted. Whether it’s work, family,relationships or friends, it doesn’t change how it feels like a stab in the back.

I understand how telling the truth might hurt and lying is like an escape tunnel for you but trust me, the end is always so heart wrenching and you’d wish you had just told the truth for your own peace of mind. You honestly don’t want to lose that person in your life just because you couldn’t come clean and tell the truth.

Practice the pause, review how the scenario would play out in your head,if you lied, pause whenever you’re about to say something that isn’t true and think of how many people would be affected because of one single lie… and you’ll realize the truth is your only best option, even the Bible says “… the truth shall set you free”. It might take a while coming to terms with this realization, but trust me, it’s the safest way out.

Try a little harder to be a man or woman of your words and tell the truth. It goes a long way as far as your integrity and peace of mind is concerned. The truth heals, it mends and it’s soul lifting. Be honest with everyone you meet today!

Love and light loves!

Easter- The evidence of God’s love

Resolutions shouldn’t only be made at the beginning of a year or at the end of that year. Easter is a time to reflect on how much was sacrificed for our salvation. God’s unconditional, unending love for us has no limits and he’s freely giving it to you today.

He leaves the ninety-nine just in search for you, that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Jesus loves you and he wants you in his fold, today signifies and commemorates how true that is… His love is fulfilling and just beautiful. I hope you realize and understand how much God loves you today.

Happy Easter everyone! ❣️🎉 I’m sending all my love and light to you ✨💫 Wash your hands and stay safe and let Jesus sanitize your heart and soul today!


Low self-esteem…is that one thing a lot of young people have struggled with in the past and are still struggling with now in the present…the percentage of suicide committed by young people and adults in the last ten years is scary and daunting, even causing goosebumps and then you wonder why???

Most young adults lay the deciding factors of their lives based on people’s opinions and what they think. We often believe we’re not good enough or we just can’t get it right. Something we fail to realize is that fear is a thing of the mind and your biggest limitation is yourself, your biggest enemy is you! Point blank, your deciding factors should be solely based on you. People’s opinions are just that, most times, they honestly shouldn’t matter. Self conviction is very important as young adults, building and training your mind to understand what is best for you.

Stop placing vague moral judgements on your life based on what people think. You’re enough, you’re beautiful, you’re smart and you most definitely can do that thing everyone has resolved that you can’t do. Learn to bask in the euphoria of your successes; treat yourself to a nice dinner, buy yourself a gift and give yourself a pat on the back. You’re not inferior, you’re a special being made by the Almighty Creator and he has a purpose for you.

Build your self-esteem today and walk with your head held high. Be you! Do you! I’m sending all my love and light your way. Wash your hands and stay safe!

Sympathetic Pregnancy; Couvade syndrome

So, I learnt something new today; Couvade syndrome also known as “Sympathetic Pregnancy” is a proposed condition in which a partner experiences some of the behaviors and symptoms of an expectant mother which includes; altered hormone levels, morning nausea, weight gain (especially their boobs) lol, I think it’s really cool.

I feel some husbands should experience this, especially nigerian husbands, even a tiny little bit, y’know. Anyways, boys, eventually when this happens to you, I want y’all to know that it’s totally normal, it’s even okay to cry sometimes.Although you’d need the help of a therapist to understand your body changes, lol.

It could be really overwhelming and your emotions would be all over the place and the fear of not being a great dad or failing at it would envelope you BUT it’s just a phase and you’ll be just fine and it’s just an insight that you’ll be a terrific father. Dads are awesome, you’ll be great.

I hope we are all observing social distancing, be safe!

I miss those days…

Frankly speaking, I miss those days,those days when I could just walk out in the street to get hot agege bread and akara… I miss those days when hugs and kisses weren’t so expensive,I miss those days when a cough was just that and when a sneeze would get a “bless you”! undefined

It’s almost difficult to be happy during these times but again and again,I reminisce on every happy memory and I’m grateful for freedom,love, friendships. Honestly, I’m so going to hug all my friends and treasure each company when all of these is over.

The best thing we can do…during these times is to stay safe and be hopeful that the “big guy”is in control.

I’m sending love and light your way. Xoxo

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